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Green Building for Sustainable Development with Concrete
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Concrete Thinkers for Green Buildings

Dan Kaplan Anne Schopf , AIA
An architect with a full range of commercial and residential projects to her credit, Anne Schopf, AIA, finds herself continually drawn to public institutions such as schools and healthcare facilities.
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Evergreen State College
Dan Kaplan

Dan Kaplan, AIA
With a childhood surrounded by t-squares and creativity, it’s no surprise that Dan Kaplan, AIA senior principal at FXFOWLE ARCHITECTS, took to architecture like a moth to a flame.
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case studies
Reclaiming Manhattan’s West Side with Concrete

John Boecker John Boecker, AIA
Aesthetics – the challenge of designing a beautiful building – was what drove John Boecker, AIA, for the first half of his nearly 25-year architectural career. He was strongly motivated by the awards he received in recognition of the beauty and elegance of his designs. Yet, the beauty of design alone failed to bring complete meaning to his work.
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case studies
Clearview Elementary

Doug Farr Doug Farr, AIA
Despite a love of nature, Doug Farr, AIA, is a city guy at heart. During a summer in college studying lakes in rural northern Michigan, Farr had an epiphany. He hated being away from the hustle and bustle of the city. He needed to seriously reconsider his career path.
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case studies
Bethel Commercial Center
NW Illinois Residence
Sanctuary Place

Brett Ruffing

Brett Ruffing, Education and Technology Specialist
At age 25, Brett Ruffing of the Kentucky Ready Mixed Concrete Association is already a Concrete Thinker. Active in his local USGBC chapter, Ruffing helps spread the word about concrete applications for sustainable construction across the Bluegrass state. He notes that innovative applications such as pervious pavements and insulating concrete forms (ICFs) can put concrete’s unique characteristics to work for a number of sustainability building projects.
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David Horobin David Horobin, LRIBA
For British-born David Horobin, sustainability has been a commitment in his profession long before it became a “movement.” He and his business partner, Maurice Camargo of Estudio Verde Architects in Napa, Calif., view the current wave of interest in sustainability in the U.S. as the “people’s will” and he looks upon that with a great deal of excitement and satisfaction. He believes governments and businesses are finally listening to the people and addressing their requests.
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  Henry Miller
A recent graduate of the Master of Architecture program at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Albany, New York, Miller created a sustainable building application that successfully addresses contaminated, abandoned areas, a significant problem for many communities.
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